Refuelling stations (HRS)


Used to transfer hydrogen gas from the storage tank to the vehicles' tanks. They typically operate with two working pressures:

  • 350bar - buses, trucks, material handling equipment, construction equipment, etc.
  • 700bar - passenger vehicles


They are the ideal solution at a time when hydrogen mobility is taking off and avenues are being sought for projects with the best possible return. When the consumer chain is not yet sufficiently developed and the consumer chain is waiting for the supply chain (filling stations, etc.) to be developed.

Our company offers as exclusive representative the Pioneer 145 system, which serves as a mobile hydrogen filling station for systems at a working pressure of 350bar.

It is a unique patented solution that does not use compressors and is ideal just for the initial support of the development of hydrogen mobility with an optimal ratio of invested cost to obtained value.


HYDROGEN SYSTEMS s.r.o. - Refuelling stations (HRS), mobile


As well as the well-known CNG stations, for example, hydrogen stations are also being designed.

We offer their design, delivery, integration and installation. Simply turnkey delivery together with our partners.


HYDROGEN SYSTEMS s.r.o. - Refuelling stations (HRS), stationary



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