Energy backup to hydrogen

These backup systems are primarily designed for long term/seasonal backup of energy from RES (photovoltaics, wind, etc.), complementing battery storage systems that are designed for short term backup of hours.

The technology we offer is containerized and uses metal hydride storage (hydrogen is not compressed), making the whole technology significantly more efficient, quiet and absolutely safe.

More information can be found in the technical documents for the basic system configurations:

  • HY2MINI - storage of up to 30 kg of hydrogen
  • HY2MEDI - storage of up to 60 kg of hydrogen
  • HY2MAXI - storage up to 150 kg of hydrogen (leaflet to be delivered later)
  • HY2MEGA - storage up to 250 kg of hydrogen

Three types of technology are used:

  • Standard Storage (H2-Storage)
  • Electrolysis with storage (Power-2-Gas)
  • Electrolysis with storage and fuel cell (Power-2-Power)


Whether you burn the hydrogen or generate electricity from it again, the main advantage of hydrogen storage is that it doesn't matter how much of the stored energy you use or how long you store it. It will simply wait for the time when it is really needed, for example at night, in winter or at favorable market prices in the case of active sales at spot prices.


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