Production of emission-free hydrogen

We offer electrolyzers with outputs ranging from units of kW up to units of MW.
The solution is either modular or all-in-one including source water treatment, hydrogen purification at the outlet, etc.

Standard types of ectrolyzers offered:

Alkaline - operate on a principle known for decades and are therefore a proven industrial technology. They offer a good price/performance ratio especially where stable electrolysis performance can be operated.

PEM - or membrane electrolyzers, offer modern membrane technology, with higher efficiency than alkaline systems. They also have the advantage of being able to respond much more flexibly to changes in power output. Disadvantages include the need to use noble metals in the construction and therefore a higher purchase price. There is also the fact that the experience of practical use in industrial applications is still relatively short.

AEM - this technology uses a specialized anion exchange membrane. It thus achieves higher efficiency than alkaline systems and does not use precious metals. It also offers faster response to power change requirements, but does not have the high efficiency of PEM electrolyzers.

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